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In the run up to the 2010 Elections, it was decided after looking at the various parties on offer, that the only sensible vote was for independence.

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Since the time of Erik Bloodaxe and Gudrun Stronginthearm the fair land of Islonia has been the subject of misty reverie in Viking saga and Gaelic folk song alike. Tales of lost love, mer-maidens, hidden treasure and fierce warriors abound within the history of this mystical isle.

Settled by Viking warriors in deep dark ages past, whose bones and boats slumber `neath the soil, Islonia's ancient stones stand testament to those first peoples who once dwelled along her shores and within her leafy glades. The ancient epic "O`Islun` Maid, thou art fay`re" is reproduced in full. Also you can read the folk song "Ach a wee bonny bairn" in translation from the early Pictish dialects of Islonia.

Ancestral home of the current King Ian and Queen Jess and their royal wains, the beautiful island nation of Islonia stands fast in the encircling waters of the mighty Altantic, boldly asserting her independence to mankind and mother nature alike.

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Economic Revival

Rallying against the Euro the Islonian "Crab" (approximately €10 Euros to one Crab) made big gains on the local stockmarket this month. Local economists predict a surge in interest with the publication of a new report on the future of the domestic fishing fleet which is due to expand in the next fiscal year, and the launch of a new website for the local industry www.shellfishsafaris.co.uk

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